Programmatic Trading Portal (PTP)

Elevate your campaigns with our programmatic trading portal. Connect seamlessly and access real-time order confirmations, spot lists and proof of flighting. Sign up today and automate the way you book campaigns, access channel insights, and elevate your brand to new heights.

Programmatic Trading Portal (PTP) screenshot illustration

The programmatic trading portal is a campaign management platform that provides the following functions and benefits to clients:

  • Campaign briefing
    Sharing of campaign briefs across linear, digital and Catch Up, enabling clients to seamlessly share campaign KPIs and thus reduce iterations

  • Access to order confirmations
    Timeous and consistent access to order confirmations during campaign period

  • Tracking campaign progress
    Real-time access to campaign progress allows clients to take necessary action while the campaign is live

  • Access to channel insights
    A view of channel profiles, top programmes and GRPs built up by day of week across all DStv Media Sales channels

  • Access to DStv Media Sales Rate Card


  • Access to invoices and statements
    Allows finance and agency admin roles access to invoices and statements in order to action financial transactions timeously

  • Access to role specific dashboards
    Summary view of campaign status i.e., briefs, live campaigns, missing flighting codes / material etc.

  • User management for agency
    Allows agency admin users to manage staff turnover on the programmatic trading portal to protect agency data


Your local DStv Media Sales agent is always ready and happy to help. Find your country specific representative by following the link below.