DStv Media Sales is a world class media sales organization. As the B2B business within the Multichoice Group, DMS provides unique and innovative marketing & communication opportunities for advertisers to reach DStv subscribers across multiple platforms. WHAT DOES FUTURE MEDIA LOOK LIKE? The world can fit into our pockets and GLOBAL TV TRENDS are not a far reach, they’re now – OUR TRENDS. True to form, DMS (having ridden many first technological waves) are monitoring working models through our partners. What’s new: Programmatic advertising That’s just a fancy way of saying ‘Automation’. Before you get concerned; this doesn’t mean the end of an era of human resources. It just means that, like with any kind of automation –it merely drives a change in skill set, to breed more efficient results. Naturally, with any innovation – the ecosystem changes.

Remember traffic managers being an imperative part of the chain? The ecosystem renders some roles become redundant but new parts of the delivery chain are created – who knew what a social media seeder would be, in 2006?! This is how it works: Buyers use software and tools to purchase inventory – And it’s already working – Programmatic trading in TV is going up and globally, broadcasters are selling at least 30% of TV inventory programmatically. Products, people, and systems all have to evolve – to best serve the customer. We are here to drive that evolution. What’s changing: Purpose Driven Marketing Marketers are looking to create value, and this value is not only profit-based but also based on a higher purpose – adding value to a society that creates meaningful connections with consumers. The visual medium of TV makes it easier for brands to use our platform to tell their stories and showcase their purpose. What’s working: Collaboration We are looking at more partnership opportunities with our advertisers. It’s all about value creation for both our businesses. We are all part of an ecosystem, and we need to sustain this for the future. These can be JV type business models… the creation of advertiser funded programs is just the tip of the Iceberg. Data integration is the future.


What we’re working towards: Cross Platform Measurement Traditional TV ratings don’t tell the full story of how many people are watching premium video and adverts. Between Time-shifted, on-demand viewing, and streaming content – there are so many variables. Being able to actually measure viewership, allows us to show ROI to clients. This is where legacy technology and future technology can merge. When we say legacy – we mean a footprint. Our relationships and our infrastructure allow us the reach that we need, as well as the credibility. This combined with future tech and data allows us to truly structure the perfect solution for clients. Globally, no one has cracked this 100 percent. We launched metrics around our sales proposition called ‘The Video Stack’, and will continue to evolve this. It’s also important for us to keep educating the market on this topic, so expect to hear a lot more from us about it. Video Stack – remember that. What’s next: Addressable Advertising – The ability to show different ads to different households at the same time. This gives TV an opportunity for more targeting and better ROI for clients. When planning for addressable advertising we have to consider the non-connected TV world as well. This is a mammoth task – as it requires integration into current available technology. The change is here… TV has evolved and will continue to do so. Technology will enable us to offer solutions in advertising that will ensure that we have a sustainable business for the future. We will not stand still, always remain client centric and continuously offer solutions that are clever and effective. We have to drive change in the industry – it’s the only way we will thrive WE ARE READY!



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