TV is experiencing a period of accelerated change and disruption – traditional TeleVision was about a set time, a set network, and a set place; whereas Total Video is anytime, any network, and any place. As a result, Total Video has seen dramatic growth and an increase in the hunger for more content across a multitude of platforms. Connected TV & ‘Streaming’ are converging into an exciting space, where two typically different worlds are meeting and bringing out the best in each other, so to speak! This convergence plays out in both technological advancement and viewer behaviour. TV is becoming more like Digital, with more connected TV’s and streaming platform providers arising, resulting in big tech investments into making TV advertising more addressable.

On the digital side, Digital is becoming more like TV! The number of Over The Top (referred to as “OTT” which is streaming content over the internet) devices and platforms is growing, with a huge investment being ploughed into content. This ultimately leaves you with your Total Video strategy sitting firmly between these two worlds! TV provides scale and reach with appointment viewing as well as on demand convenience viewing. Digital provides targeting with measurability and ease of viewing. Viewers consume video when and how they wish to! DStv has become increasingly accessible to meet audience preferences and shifts with the advent of DStv’s VoD platforms & the DStv App’s – this has kept DStv relevant and attractive with current and future subscribers, and has enabled DStv audiences to view content anytime, anywhere, and at their convenience! We are also able to monitor when and how DStv viewers consume content via different devices; be it mobile, web, or ‘lean-back’.


Live Linear TV is still where the majority of advertising money is invested – VoD (Video on Demand) and OTT are gaining traction & growing at a steady pace as viewer behaviour changes to fit into technological shifts, and so should your spend. It’s possible to layer your Total Video Strategy to leverage audiences across the DStv ecosystem – and the best way to start is with a tight segmentation model. You have the balance of high-quality content and efficient audience reach within a brand-safe environment; coupled with more developed, more real-time audience targeting, that can be optimised to ensure a better return on your KPI or investment. Lucasta Stephen assures us that DMS has specialist teams who are well poised to assist advertisers to connect with audiences across the DStv ecosystem, reaching their target segments no matter what platform they consume on. Our aim is to partner and collaborate with our clients more than ever before, where we can provide value and support in meeting campaign objectives and strategic imperatives across the dynamic DStv viewing environment. MARK PRIOR – Senior Manager VOD/Digital says: “We don’t classify viewers on DStv platforms as either ‘Linear’ or ‘Digital’ – but as DStv Viewers. The only distinction is in how the viewer receives the content. We have focused on applying digital optimisation to the OTT products to ensure that we can answer Digital buyers’ requirements for addressability and reporting – addressability is more granular (super-targeted and specific) on digital, so this compliments the TV targeting and avoids wastage.


Testing different creative and optimising it to deliver based on performance is more real time and our systems will be able to adapt. We go from having to wait to see the impact of advertising to be able to react and improve. The same learning can be used in the linear environment and a flighting code changed to ensure the better creative is being used.” Lucasta advises that the analysis of the video penetration to your market will inform your laddered video strategy to achieve your overall reach requirements. Shaun Chettiar – Head of Digital and VOD adds that: “It would then make sense for brands to include all touchpoints to plan and implement campaigns. Catch the audience where the audience is. Excluding a platform from a plan means excluding an audience and potential incremental reach. Consider the environment and context of each viewing platform/device. Combining the trust of the traditional TV spend, with the “lean-back” approach – The TV being used via different apps, and rich targeting via all these platforms in order to reach who you’re targeting.” A Pro tip from the boss: Always bear in mind the creative aspect – screen size, ad unit, and viewability. It’s all very well you have a strategy – but it is imperative to make sure that the viewer gets to see and hear the message. DMS are here to facilitate a seamless and congruent experience of content, wherever they choose to view it.



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